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J ochen Zeitz said, Foot Locker has suggested that made sales in stores in the Puma’s line of products, if the Puma to do so, you can easily make product sales to double. However, this proposal has been declined by Puma, Bote Lun said:” We do not want those who buy Puma coolest products of the guys, to see them doing everything possible to find the shoes but that is filled.” Zeitz said: Puma does not spell sales growth, long-term stability and consumers to establish strong links for life is our goal.”

Then, Puma with supermodel and yoga trainer Christie’s Linton to launch campaign designed specifically for women’s Nuala yoga line in the West and set off an upsurge of yoga exercises. In Puma’s efforts, now you can often see people like Madonna full board the fashion , but arm the luxury handbags Louis Vuitton hand.

Puma’s cross-borderthe co-promote influence of brand

Back in 1999, the Puma on the proposed “cross-border co-operation” (Cros s over) concept, with the German luxury brand J il Sander apparel to launch high end casual footwear. Then, the Puma has a bunch of followers of the new concept, Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto of Japan www.omegaeta911.com co-brand, Reebok and Chanel cooperation, sports brand and fashion brand alliance has become the trend. In 2003, Puma has taken the lead for the guerrilla marketing tactics with the same loyal fans of the BMW Mini brand for a product and brand partnerships. Puma has designed a prototype of a BMW Mini “Mini-Motion” series of sports shoes in the worldwide sales. BMW omega watches will use the air mesh and other technical design of new Mini car seat, and printed on the external Mini Puma Puma famous Logo.

J ochen Zeitz described the cross-border cooperation will be the brand as dating or marriage of two brands. “When we are looking for partner companies, can not just look at the scale, whether the two sides’ character can come together or not may be important.” BMW Mini’s lifestyle development manager – Rinat Aruh, said:” We two brands is too much in common, and we hit it off at once. We are all “anti-traditional brand” then faith is guerrilla marketing, have spent a lot of energy to study how to spread the brand to consumers. We, through the attitude to life to find our consumers, with Puma&’s marketing plan with marketing people is really an easy, enjoyable and interesting work.”

PUMA’s classic marketing strategy as it has won a huge profit, making the brand thriving.

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